Pattern, geometry, fragmented spaces and floating fields. For Josephine Morrow, painting is a choreographic venture, an unfolding process of composition, invention, and reinvention.

Josephine's work is an investigation of interior landscape through an interrogation and dissolving of its space and forms, its structures and its voids. Painting initially from perception, she describes, then reimagines her subject, such that the image hovers on the boundary between representation and abstraction, recognition and defamiliarisation.

The constellation of forms, patchwork of colour and the distillation of shapes and lines create an ambiguity that invites the viewer to question what is inside, what is outside, what is real, what is imagined, what is foreground, what is background, what is object and what is shadow. 

Josephine likes to think that the painting process is in equal measure about unfettered playfulness and serious compositional research. It is also about what is included and what is left out, what can be distilled or embellished and still allow the painting to be a navigable space. This choreography is not so much about recording reality, but discovering a new reality with all its possibilities and permutations.

Josephine Morrow lives and works in Sydney.


2018   BFA Painting, National Art School, Sydney






2018    Graduate Exhibition, National Art School, Sydney

2018    DIRG, National Art School, Sydney

2017    Margaret Olley Drawing Week Showcase, National Art School, Sydney

2017     Fair Share Project, Sydney Fringe Festival, Annandale Creative Arts Studio

2016     Another Landscape Exhibition, National Art School, Sydney



2017     Brandon Trakman Memorial Award for Art History and Theory

2017     Jocelyn Maughan Sketch Book Prize, Finalist

2016     2nd Year Art History and Theory Award

2016     Jocelyn Maughan Sketch Book Prize, Finalist

2015     1st Year Art History and Theory Award

2015     Jocelyn Maughan Sketch Book Prize, Finalist



National Art School, Sydney

Private Collections, Sydney

In Situ, Articulate Project Space, Leicchardt

The Other Art Fair Melbourne

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